Sustainable Development Policy:


Implement information transparency and practice honest business policy.
- Enable information transparency and realize best business management.
- Persist with honesty, integrity and sustainability to elevate cpc to the league of global leading brand.
- Nurture a team that encompasses filial piety, respectfulness, kindness, international perspective,
specialized skills and honor.

Focus on environmental safety awareness and materialize environmental protection.
- Strengthen environmental sustainability policy and bring about an interdependent community
that shares life experiences.
- Provide quality and healthy environment as well as promote the mental and physical well-being
of the team.
- Advocate recycle and purification of resources and build an environment that is energy efficient
and pollution free.

Founded on virtue in order to create a peaceful society.
- Establish on the basis of Chinese culture and foundation to build a company that is exceptional, fair,
benevolent and righteous.
- Develop a team that is both virtuous and skillful so that our company is recognized as the role model
in the industry.
- Exercise corporate social responsibility and form a positive and peaceful society.



Human Rights Policy

CHIEFTEK PRECISION CO.,LTD (the "Company" or "cpc") is dedicated to protecting its employees' rights and interests, and it strictly complies with labor-related laws and regulations in all countries where we operate. The Company follows the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, as well as the spirit and fundamentals of protecting human rights embodied in such international human rights treaties. At the Company, we place the utmost value on human rights, and we treat all employees, including contractors and interns, with the same dignity and respect.

Respect human rights in the workplace and prohibit any form of discrimination, including
race, nationality, gender, age, marriage, appearance, religion, party affiliation, physical and mental disabilities, etc.
To protect fair labor rights, employment policies, promotion and working conditions, and other management principles, and to enhance labor relations, smooth communication channels, and a harmonious workplace environment.

We will adhere to the standards of honesty and integrity and refuse to bribe, extort, make illegal political contributions, make improper charitable donations or sponsorships, or offer or accept unreasonable gifts, hospitality or other improper benefits.

Construct a healthy and safe environment, including
Declaring that we will not employ child labor or forced labor.
Implementing the principles of information security and personal data protection.
Promote the concept of gender equality at work, maintain a harassment-free work environment, establish occupational safety and health-related regulations, reduce the risk of occupational hazards, and make continuous improvements.

In addition, we have agreed with our suppliers to comply with human rights issues such as human rights in the workplace, prohibition of child labor, forced labor, workplace health and safety, workplace discrimination, and working hours, and have established a social responsibility assessment form to implement the above management principles.
In the future, we will continue to pay attention to human rights protection issues and promote related education and training to strengthen the human rights awareness of our employees and reduce the possibility of human rights-related risks.


Regarding the human rights protection training for 2023, the total duration was 185 hours, with a total of 182 individuals completing the training.

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