CEO CHEN LI-FEN 1998.10.19 Art History of Universität Stuttgart,
Founding President of National Cheng Kung University,
Alumni Association of The National Tainan Girls Senior High School
President HSU MING-CHE 1998.10.19 HSU MING-CHE:
Master of Mechanical Engineering of Universität Stuttgart
General Manager and R&D Supervisor of Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd.
Vice-General Manager of Domestic Business Department CHEN MIN-CHANG 2014.03.12 B.S. degree in Textile Machinery, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
Manager , Domestic Sales, cpc
Director, International Sales Department PERNG CHIUNG-YIN 2010.12.17 German Department of Universität Trier
Assistant Business Manager of cpc Europa GmbH
The Chief Financial Officer also serves as the Corporate Governance Officer. LI PAI-TSANG 2012.06.08 B.S. degree in Accounting, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Manager, Finance, Univacco Technology Inc.
Manager, Human Resources YEH CHING-CHING 2011.07.07 B.S. degree in Teaching German Dept., Universität Trier, Germany
Product Development Manager WU HSUAN-CHUN 2023.08.31 B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Section Manager, Linear Motor, cpc
Product Manager
Domestic Sales Manager SHEN DONG-YI 2011.08.03 Far East University of Science and Technology
Technical Manager of Software Development Department LI YI-RU 2021.09.24 Master of Electric Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
Assistant Manager of Production Control Division CHU YU-KU 2022.02.18 Bachelor of Department of Information Management, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Deputy Manager of Equipment Maintenance Division and Factory Affairs Division HUANG KUN-WEI 2022.02.18 Bachelor of Department of Automation Engineering, National Formosa University
The accounting department manager also serves as the accounting supervisor. WU CHIA-YUNG 2024.02.26 Bachelor of Department of Accounting Information, Shih Chien University
Assistant manager of Deloitte Touche
Tohmatsu Limited
Audit Executive LIN SHU-SING 2021.02.05 Master in Accounting, National Chungchen University
Auditor of Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd.
Accounting of C.T.I. Ltd.
Cashier of FU LUONG Hi-Tech co. Ltd.


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