Corporate Social Responsibility Policy:

Implement information transparency and practice honest business policy.

- Enable information transparency and realize best business management.
- Persist with honesty, integrity and sustainability to elevate cpc to the league of global leading brand.
- Nurture a team that encompasses filial piety, respectfulness, kindness, international perspective, specialized skills and honor.  

Focus on environmental safety awareness and materialize environmental protection.

- Strengthen environmental sustainability policy and bring about an interdependent community
that shares life experiences.

- Provide quality and healthy environment as well as promote the mental and physical well-being
of the team.
- Advocate recycle and purification of resources and build an environment that is energy efficient
and pollution free.

Founded on virtue in order to create a peaceful society.

- Establish on the basis of Chinese culture and foundation to build a company that is exceptional, fair, benevolent and righteous.

- Develop a team that is both virtuous and skillful so that our company is recognized as the role model in the industry.

- Exercise corporate social responsibility and form a positive and peaceful society.
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