CHEN LI-FEN Chairperson & CEO Art History of Universität Stuttgart Chief Strategy Officer of Chieftek Precision CO., Ltd., Chairman of Deneng Sunshine Investment Co., Ltd, Chairman of Deyuan Management Consulting Co., Ltd, Board Director of Ever Advanced Precision Technologies Co., Ltd., Chairman of Zhenshanmeihui Investment Co., Ltd, Board Director of Sunshine Bio Technology Co., Ltd, Vice Chairman of The Allied Association for Science Park Industries, Vice Chairman of Sino-German Cultural and Economic Association, Standing Director of Academia-Industry Consortium for Southern Taiwan Science Park, Founding President of National Cheng Kung University Innovation & Incubation Association and Member of Tainan Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee (Note 2)


Diplom Ingenieur of Mechanical Engineering of Universität Stuttgart
Schaeffler AG, Herzogenaurach

General Manager and R&D Supervisor of Chieftek Precision CO., Ltd.
CHENG SHENG -FEN Board Directo Master of Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University, Assistant Manager of Jianxing Electronics Co., Ltd and Vice-General Manager of A-OPTRONICS Co., Ltd. Nil
WANG CHEN PI-HSIA Board Directo Provincial Tainan Girls' Senior High School Chairman of Yucheng Starch Co., Ltd, Board Director of Deyuan Management Consulting Co., Ltd and Supervisor of ST&T Instrument Corp.
Anne Li
Board Directo University of Denver, Denver, Colorado. MCIS (Master of Computer Information System) 1987-1990
New York University, New York, New York. MS (Master of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics) 1974-1977
Fu-Jen University, Taipei, Taiwan. BS (Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutrition)
Registered Dietitian, American Dietetic Association #481721,  from 1978 to present

US West  Senior Computer Engineer(1996-2004)
NREL  Computer Engineer(1992-1996)
Hospital Nutritional Therapist(Over 15 Years)

Ming Tzu Ho

Independe nt Director

Bachelor of National Cheng Kung University of engineering science.
Master of Texas A&M University of Electrical Engineering.
Doctor of Texas A&M University of Electrical Engineering.

Researcher of RITEK Corporation of Research.
Associate Professor of National Cheng Kung University of engineering science.

Present post
Associate Professor of National Cheng Kung University of engineering science.

WU CHUNG -JEN Independe nt Director Doctor of Chemical Engineering of National Cheng Kung University, Researcher of Industrial Technology Research Institute Union Chemical Laboratories, Project Manager of National Cheng-kung University Business Incubation Center, Vice Director of Technology Transfer & Business Incubation Center of National Cheng Kung University, Executive Manager of Incubator Center of Southern Taiwan Science Park and Division Head of Legal & Intellectual Property General Division, ChungHwa Picture Tubes, LTD. Chairman of CHIH RO ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD and Chairman of YYC Material Technology CO.,LTD
WEI NAICHANG Independe nt Director Master of National Chiao Tung University Institute of Business & Management, Audit Team Leader of PwC Taiwan, Accounting Officer of Foresight Energy Technologies Develop ment Co., Ltd, Accountant and Administration Manager of Taiwan Intervet Animal Drug Co., Ltd, CFO of Ambit Microsystems, Vice-General Manager of Clevo Co. Management Center Nil

Board Members’ Diversification Implementation Situation

Board Members’ Diversification Policy

The composition of the Board shall consider diversification. The number of directors concurrently serving as the manager shall not exceed one third of the total number. Moreover, it shall formulate appropriate diversification policies based on the business, operation pattern and development demands, including but not limited to the standards of the following two dimensions:
(1) Basic conditions and values: gender, age, nationality, culture, and etc.
(2) Professional knowledge and skills: professional background (such as law, accounting, industry, finance, marketing or technology), professional skills and industrial experience.
The members of the Board shall acquire the knowledge, skills and character required to exercise the rights. To achieve the ideal goal of corporate governance, the overall Board shall possess the abilities as listed below:
(1) Operating adjustment.
(2) Accounting and financial analysis
(3) Business management
(4) Crisis handling
(5) Industrial knowledge
(6) International market view
(7) Leadership
(8) Decision-making
The diversification policies of the board composition are disclosed on the official website of the Company and MOPS.

Board Members’ Diversification Implementation Situation



Republic of China F V 61-65     V V V V V V V V V
Republic of China M V 61-65     V V V V V V V V V
LI AN Republic of China F   71-75   V   V V V V V V V V
Republic of China M   75-80     V V V V V V V V V
Republic of China M   61-65     V V V V V V V V V
Republic of China M   55-59   V   V V V V V V V V
Republic of China M   65-69     V V V V V V V V V
Republic of China M   55-59     V V V V V V V V V

Succession Plan of Members of the Board of Directors and Key Managerial Officers

Succession Planning and Operation of Board Members

The Company has 8 directors (including 3 independent directors) with professional backgrounds in industry, law, and management, etc. The directors shall be elected in accordance with the Company's "Procedures for Election of Directors", unless otherwise provided by law or the Articles of Incorporation, to implement the policy of diversifying the composition of the Board of Directors and to achieve the Company's main policy objectives.

The spouse of our Chairman, Ms. Chen Li-fen, and our President, Mr. HSU MING -CHE, co-founded Direct Technology Co. With expertise and specialization, the company's operational efficiency is enhanced. In response to the above-mentioned events, Direct Technology plans to increase the number of independent directors to four by the end of 2012 to strengthen the operation of the board of directors.
In order to enhance the effectiveness of directors' functions, we plan 6 hours of training courses each year and will keep pace with the times by arranging appropriate refresher courses with reference to changes in internal and external environmental conditions, international situations and development needs in order to enhance directors' professional knowledge and succession planning.


Succession planning and operation of key management personnel

The Company's key management is at the associate level and above, and is responsible for the Company's operations and management, and each management level has its own agents. In order to cultivate key management and their agents, the Company holds internal and external training and practical communication meetings from time to time to cultivate professional functions, management skills, ability to solve abnormal situations, centripetal force, values, corporate governance development ability and international vision.
The company has planned a 10-year forward-looking succession development goal, and the founder, Chairman L.F. Chen, and President M.C. Hsu have personally guided the training, and gradually arranged for the successor to attend the board meetings and actively participate in important meetings and occasions such as domestic and international management and customer communication, as well as practical training on domestic and international project task management and cross-departmental management, so as to facilitate the transmission of experience and enhance the successor's ability.

cpc management team upholds the company's business philosophy

  1. Virtue-based integrity and honesty, and sustainable management of cpc's leading brand of global linear motion components. Cultivate a team of philanthropic, international-minded, professional and highly honorable people.
  2. Focus on product and process technology innovation and global patent layout.
  3. Actively and passionately identify problems, face them, and continuously improve. To create the value and competitiveness of our customers' products and to satisfy their needs is our motivation to keep improving.
  4. Virtue as the source of water to realize the best interests of shareholders and customers, and to create the best career well-being of colleagues. To achieve virtue and skill, to give back to the public, and to promote social goodness. Everyone is happy and contented, contented and happy, the sun shines, and definitely worthy.

We will actively train our successors and recruit international talents, and make good use of internal and external talent exchange to enhance the international competitiveness of the company's key management succession candidates.






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