Important Resolutions of the Board of Directors

Selected Year:
January 16, 2023 (1) Approved the managers' year-end bonus distribution of 2022.
(2) Approved the managers' remuneration of 2022 and related regulations.
(3) Approved the revision of the manager's salary and remuneration specification and reviewed the manager's salary adjustment proposal.
(4) Approved directors' remuneration and employees' compensation of 2022.
(5) Approval of pre-approve visa accountants, their firms and their affiliates Provision of non-authentication services to the company and its subsidiaries.
(6) Approved the Company's Competency and Independence assessment Case of Certified Public Accountants.
(7) Approved the amendment to the ”Code of Corporate Governance.”
(8) Approved the application for credit line with bank.

February 22, 2023 (1) Approved the 2022 assessment of the effectiveness of the internal control system and statement.
(2) Approved the 2022 Business Report and Financial Statements.
(3) Approval of 2022 Profit Distribution Proposal.
(4) Approval of election of directors and independent directors.
(5) Approved the proposal of convening the 2023 Annual Shareholders' Meeting.
(6) Approved the 2023 annual budget.
(7) Approved the revision of the ”Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice”

April 12,2023
(1) Approved the review of director and independent director candidates.

May 9,2003
(1) Approval of employee compensation for managers' for 2022.
(2) Approved the distribution of directors' 2022 remuneration.
(3) Approval of official vehicle configuration update proposal.
(4) Approved the 2023 first quarter consolidated Financial Statements.
(5) Approval for the subsidiary cpc Europa GmbH to build a new factory on own land.
(6) Approved the application for credit line with bank.

May 26,2023 Announcement Board of Directors Unanimously re-elected Chen, Li-Fen as Chairman

September 21, 2023 (1) In accordance with the ”The rules for 2nd time on transfer repurchased"

August 4,2023
(1) Approved the ex-dividend record date of year 2022.
(2) Approved the changed and independence assessment of CPA.
(3) Approved the 2023 second quarter consolidated Financial Statements.
(4) Approval of first half of 2023 Profit Distribution Proposal.
(5) Approved the amendment to“Management of the Procedures for Preparation of Financial Statements” of the Company.
(6) Approved to appoint members of Remuneration Committee for the 5th term.
(7) Approved the increase of the endorsement guarantee for the reinvested subsidiary.
(8) Approved the establishment of employee stock ownership association and articles of association of Employee Stock Ownership Associations.
(9) Approved the application for credit line of subsidiary with bank.
(10) Approved the application for credit line with bank.

November 7,2023
(1) Approved for 2024 Internal Audit Plan.
(2) Approved the 2023 third quarter consolidated Financial Statements.
(3) Approved the appointment of Information SecurityOfficer and Information Security personnel.
(4) Approved the signing of a 7-year syndicated loan agreement with a number of banks led by Mega Bank.
(5) Approved the application for credit line with bank.






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