Miniature High Precision 6-Axis Robotic Arm - S0 series

The S0 is the smallest collaborative robotic arm on the market today, with an arm weight of just 4kg and a maximum payload of 1kg. The small size and light weight allow S0 to move flexibly even in the narrow space and can change the best mode and position at any time to meet the needs of the production line. The unique folding design creates multiple path planning opportunities for greater movement efficiency.
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- Small footprint
- Lightweight
- Class-leading repeatability
- Collaborative
- Folding design
- Low noise
- Class-leading torque motor
- High performance servo drive
- High resolution optical absolute encoder
- Brakes in all axes
- Internal cable arrangement
- Tool I/O port: AWG#32, DI x 2, DO x 2, AI x 2


S0 is a collaborative robot arm with a foldable design, making the path selection more flexible and increasing production efficiency.

Multiple functions control

cpc Robot - User Interface provides direct control of robotic arm movement. The user can freely move endpoint or joint by jog. Also the user can accurately move the robot arm by giving end point target position or joint angle position.


High-Friendly Teaching Kit

Users are free to choose different path and teaching methods, including points (up to 20 points), path recording function (max. 2 minutes by hand guiding), and allow users to choose multiple  points to execute movement commands in different ways.


cpcRobot Various control methods / Joystick

cpcRobot  application – Rehabilitation

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