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Product Descriptions

Wide 4-Row Ball Bearing Linear Guide

Low-noise, high-quality and high-speed ball chain (patented)
The WRC ball chain (patented) design offers high contact area between the balls and the chain,
which helps keep the lubricant film intact, hence allowing high-speed and low-noise operations
with extended service life.
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dotDustproof design :
The completely sealed design helps prevent dust ingress and reduce lubricant loss,
which leads to extended service life.

dotO-type arrangement :
The 4-row re-circulating balls design helps achieve equal load capacity in all
four directions.

dotPatented design for high speed/impact :
The L-shaped stainless-steel reinforcement plates with bottom latches help cover and
strengthen the end caps, allowing high-speed/impact operations.


  Patented reinforcement plate design
Using two stainless-steel reinforcement plates, the L-shaped design is fastened by screws onto the top and the bottom of the runner block, to enhance the rigidity and the cladding of the end caps.





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