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Product Descriptions

Standard 4-Row Roller-type Linear Guide

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Low Noise Roller Chain (Optional)
Our Ball chain design effectively lowers high frequency noise volumes while sliding and enhancing smoothness.
Additionally, the ball chain spacer between steel rollers continuously replenishes the oil film cladding to maintain a better lubrication effect.



LRR Extremely Low Profile Type
Suitable for conditions where a lower external torque and inertial force is required, this product combines a low height and center of gravity to provide a more compact product. ARR, HRR and LRRs blocks all share the same rail with a similar load capacity and service life.
MXL Ultra Long Block Type
Compared to the industry's ML lengthened block, the MXLmodel's much lengthened block features a greater load,
rigidity and shock reduction capability. This makes this model most suitable for machine tools that require super high rigidity and accuracy.

High-Rigidity Stainless-Steel Reinforcement
Plate (Standard)

This L-shaped plate, fastened to the block with an end and a bottom screws, helps protect the block from being damaged by any plastic accessories during high speed/load operations.
Full Cover Seal (Standard Feature)
All model type are equipped with an "end seal", "bottom seal", and "inner seal" to effectively prevent foreign objects from sliding into the block or lubrication from leaking out.
Dustproof under Harsh Conditions (Optional)
Extra dustproof capability is available for applications in fine dust environments.
Metal-Plastic-Cap (Standard Feature)
Stainless steel covers can demonstrate excellent friction resistance under harsh environments. Inside, the hole plug is equipped with fixed plastic support, enabling for easy installation and direct
installation on a standard rail. Contact between the unit support part and stigma screws can prevent overly deep fastening during installation, while also preventing cap indentation and foreign objects from stacking while sliding.



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